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Is Financial Coaching For Me?
Does money and debt problems keep you up at night?
Do you struggle tracking where your money goes?
Do you worry about not having enough for retirement or your kids education?
Tired of feeling like you are living paycheck to paycheck?
Tired of the DIY approach taking you nowhere and ready to start building long-term wealth?
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of Americans live Paycheck to Paycheck


of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings

Focal Points

Roussin Financial believes in 3 MAIN Pillars when it comes to achieving Financial Freedom

  1. Live BELOW your means
  2. Develop an ATTAINABLE financial plan
  3. Set SHORT-TERM goals to earn Long-Term Success

Setting up Budgets, Retirement Plan discussions, creating savings plans, and ultimately freeing yourself from debt with payoff plans

Far too often you will hear about EVERYTHING you CANNOT do in order to achieve financial freedom. Many of those things are true, but you also need to enjoy this journey we call life. Roussin Financial is here to help you adjust your priorities and budget for certain things you want to do while fitting it into a financial plan that works for you.

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What is an Investment Coach?

An investment coach is a financial professional who helps individuals learn how to understand strategy and build knowledge to make high-quality investments. An investment coach will not only be a teacher, but a mentor.

There are differences between an Investment Coach and a Financial Advisor. Investment coaches are not here to push specific products like insurance, in-house investments, or anything where we would earn commissions. Investment coaches are solely here to help you build the knowledge necessary to invest on your own, and truly educate the investor.

Our goal at the end of our time together is not only for you to enhanced your investing knowledge, but more specifically, for you to also walk away knowing how to properly perform stock analysis on your own.
When it comes to investing, Roussin Financial believes in 2 important factors

Invest with PURPOSE

Invest with CONFIDENCE

Investment Coaching

Is Investment Coaching for me?
New to investing and not sure where to begin?
Looking to enhance your investment knowledge?
Interested in learning how to value a company using various metrics?
Are you optimizing Retirement Accounts to their full potential?
If you answered yes, then schedule a FREE consultation today and meet with a INVESTMENT expert
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About Me

Roussin Financial

Mark Roussin founded Roussin Financial with the intent to educate and empower those looking to take control of their financial future. Mark is an active Certified Public Accountant with years of experience in public accounting.

Building a strong working relationship combined with his vast working background is how Mark likes to separate himself from the competition. Although Mark is here to teach and mentor, he also wants you to feel comfortable with the fact you have someone in your corner rooting for you to succeed. Mark has made it his goal that every client he works with walks away in a better position than when they came to him. No matter if you are trying to get your finances in order or understand how to make investments that will build long-term wealth, Mark is going to ensure you get on the right path.

Many people take a DIY approach, but many either fail or can find it takes years to learn on your own. When it comes to Personal Finances and Investing, time is money. If you decide to work with me, you will not only be getting a certified professional, but a teammate that will be alongside you every step of the way. Sign up today and let’s get started propelling your financial outlook.

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